General Electric

The Corridor of Mirrors

The Corridor of Mirrors. Visitors pass through a hall in which giant photos of General Electric scientists and engineers - at work on laser rays, space technology, nuclear experiments and low-temperature research - are reflected and re-reflected in mirrors. (CD #TBD Set 352 #18)

The Sky-Dome Spectacular

The Sky-Dome Spectacular. By means of a dramatic new projection technique, the interior of the great dome is filled with the sights and sounds of the great natural sources of energy: fierce electrical storms, fire, a blazing sun and thousand of spinning atoms. A narrator describes man's historic search to harness energy and introduces the fusion experiment to follow. (CD #TBD Set 351 #16)

Fusion on Earth

Fusion on Earth. In the first demonstration of controlled thermonuclear fusion to be witnessed by a large general audience, a magnetic field squeezes a plasma of deuterium gas for a few millionths of a second at a temperature of 20 million degrees Fahrenheit. There is a vivid flash and a loud report as atoms collide, creating free energy (evidenced on instruments). (CD #TBD Set 351 #28)

Electric Living

Electric Living. Apart from the scheduled show, a model all-electric community is on display with the latest electric innovations for the home, public buildings, industry and space exploration. (CD #TBD Set 351 #32)

GE at night

At night the GE Pavilion took on a very special look, for moving lights swept across the domed roof in colorful patterns. Sadly, the animated roof was not included when the pavilion was relocated to Disneyland after the close of the Fair. (CD #20 Set 105 #5)

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