Eleven giant "Archways To Understanding" straddle the roadways at strategic locations throughout the Fairgrounds.

Special bulletins on significant local, national and international news are flashed on the message panels. A constant flow of facts about happenings on and off the Fair grounds is transmitted 15 hours each day. (CD #60 Set 251 #18)
Each of the arches contained a set of ads from their sponsor, General Foods. These ads were on rolls of paper that were automatically changed throughout the day. The electronic portions of the signs displayed messages about events at the Fair, including notices about lost children, sports scores, and news stories. (CD #TBD Set 272 #3)
Perhaps the saddest message the boards ever displayed - the final message on the last day of the Fair in 1965. (Courtesy of John Pender)

Want more information on the General Foods Arches?

"Archways to Understanding" brochure
Souvenir booklet and jigsaw puzzle
General Foods VIP Lounge Brochure

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