Gotham Plaza

Guests could enter the Fair through seven gates, with those arriving by subway coming through the Main Gate. After crossing a wooden walkway that also led to the new Shea Stadium, visitors followed a ramp down into the Fair. There they found themselves at Gotham Plaza, a spacious intersection of streets that spread out across the grounds. Imagine the excitement guests felt as they got their first look at the Fair!

Looking towards RCA

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Fair. A group of soldiers is trying to decide how to start their visit, while other guests head off towards the RCA Pavilion or to the many other sights and sounds of the Fair. (CD #21 Set 111 #1)

Looking back towards gate

A look back at the entrance ramp before heading off to discover the wonders waiting at the Fair. The tall structure to the left was featured at each of the entrances to the Fair. (CD #18 Set 94 #4)

Gotham Plaza at night

One last glance back towards Gotham Plaza on the way home after a day at the Fair. The Fair took on a special feeling at night, with a variety of unique lighting systems turning the grounds into a fairyland setting. In this scene, it doesn't look like anyone is in much of a hurry to head home! (CD #19 Set 101 #4)

Miscellaneous Photos