The principles and benefits of "free competitive enterprise, properly regulated, unhampered by unwarranted interference" are explained in a variety of ways in this one-story steel and concrete building, sponsored by the American Economic Foundation. A theater in the round has a show on "bread and butter issues" and, for those who can spend the time, there is even an accredited graduate seminar in economics, given in two-week sessions, at the pavilion.

With the Cold War firmly underway, anyone wanting to learn more about the capitalist system would have enjoyed the Hall of Free Enterprise. As the guidebook not so subtly implies, the sponsors were all for making as much money as they could and with a minimum of governmental interference. (CD #61 Set 254 #35)


Enterprise Economics, B.A. 204-0. This is the title of a graduate seminar offered by Adelphi University's Business Institute and accredited by the State University of New York. Adelphi faculty members and distinguished outside economists lecture. Two or three credits toward an M.A. degree can be earned in the seminar, which is given in two-week periods of 30 classroom hours.

It's hard to imagine that students would pay to go to school at a world's fair. Imagine how hard it would be to listen to a lecture on economics when all of the wonders of the Fair were just outside the classroom door. The temptation to skip a class or two must have been almost overwhelming. (CD #62 Set 255 #35)


Happily not everything at the Hall of Free Enterprise was as dull as a classroom lecture. The organizers invited a series of celebrities to offer up their opinion on how to succeed in business. Here Casey Stengel, the colorful manager of the new New York Mets baseball team, gives an interview outside the pavilion. (CD #60 Set 252 #2)


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