The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair


The Hertz Travel Center, at the base of the Heliport, is staffed by multilingual attendants who offer travel information, maps of the Fair and the New York City area, and direct telephone communication to the airlines represented at the Fair. The center can also arrange auto reservations around the world.

Boy in stroller watching fireworks

Most Fair visitors probably either missed or have forgotten the Hertz Travel Center, but there are still many who will remember the distinctive car-shaped strollers available for rent at several Hertz locations. They were festooned with the company's advertising slogan, "Let Hertz put you in the driver's seat". There were numerous reports of the strollers disappearing from the Fair, but so far only two are known to have surfaced in recent years. (CD #29 Set 151 #7)

Dale at stroller

Two happy guests get a visit from Dale, one of the Disney chipmunks, from the comfort of their Hertz stroller. Actually, with two of them in there it probably wasn't all that comfortable, but they look like they're enjoying themselves. For those wondering how to tell Chip from Dale, the latter chipmunk is the one with a red nose. (CD #65 Set 268 #21)

Transportation Area pavilions