This striking pavilion, whose first floor is screened by cascades of water falling into a lotus pond, reflects the tremendous industrial and social progress that India has made in the last decade and a half as an independent nation. An exhibition of art works, ancient and modern, indicates the diversity of India's cultures. Other exhibits show how effective democracy has come to the nation's 450 million people, and how industry and education have boomed. A shop sells rare art objects, saris, baskets and stoneware. A restaurant in a separate building serves the delicacies of the land

Industry and Intellect. Visual displays and recordings explain how this once backward nation is now able to manufacture such heavy items as aircraft engines, locomotives and automobiles, as well as producing goods for export and exploiting the peaceful possibilities of atomic energy. Other displays show the growth of universities, technical skills and research laboratories. (CD #60 Set 250 #3518)


Art Old and New. The high artistic achievements of many peoples and periods are on display: a Fifth Century Buddha, a carved 18th Century palace door, 20th Century murals, and others. (CD #58 Set 246 #15)


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