A multitude of small exhibits along promenades makes the Plaza an international fair within a fair. Among the sponsors are the United Nations, and governments and trade groups from all over the world. Their displays include U.N. postage stamps, works of art and food specialties, raw materials and manufactured goods, travel and industrial information. Artisans demonstrate traditional crafts, and entertainers present their countries' music. Most of the exhibits have small cafés which serve special national dishes, and a large cafeteria-style garden restaurant offers a wide choice of foreign delicacies.

Many of the exhibits listed in the guidebook never seemed to actually make it to the Fair, so perhaps its only fitting that the Tower of London, which wasn't mentioned, was there at the entrance to the International Plaza. While you wouldn't know it from looking at it, inside were reproductions of the famous Crown Jewels, and a British-themed gift shop. A large banner was later added to tempt people into paying the admission fee and coming inside. (CD #64 Set 260 #11)


There were actually very few exhibits in the International Plaza. The area consisted mainly of small gift shops, snack bars, and a few restaurants. The variety of cultures in the small area actually made it an entertaining place to visit. The carillon on the left side was the Tower of 1,000 Bells. (CD #37 Set 185 #14)


Whatever you may have wanted to eat, there was a very good chance you could have found it somewhere at the many snack stands that lined the International Plaza. Not surprising, many of them quickly added Belgian Waffles to their menus when that became the food hit of the Fair. (CD #35 Set 179 #22)


There were also several full service restaurants for those who wanted a more leisurely experience, or perhaps just a chance to rest their feet while they dined. This pleasant scene was inside the San Miguel Beer Lounge. (CD #51 Set 223 #24)


There were also numerous opportunities to lighten your wallet by taking home a souvenir or two from the many gift shops in the area. In just this small area you could have found items from Norway, Thailand, the Republic of China, Turkey and Great Britain. Turn in the other direction and there was even more to tempt you. (CD #2 Set 8 #52)


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5-2-63 - Groundbreaking booklet


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