Julimar Farm

A number of gardens - Polynesian, Renaissance, herb, English, and so on - comprise the main exhibit of this pavilion, which is sponsored by a new corporation that sells "packaged gardens," i.e. garden designs custom-fitted to the client's requirements. The tiny pavilion, which is in the style of a contemporary Southern plantation, was designed by noted architect Edward Durell Stone, and the exhibit gardens are by his son, Edward Jr. The company's line of gourmet foods - Hawaiian coffee, Swedish pancake flour, exotic jams and jellies - is on sale in the pavilion.

Julimar garden

Julimar Farm is one of the forgotten exhibits at the Fair. Crammed into a small plot between the Better Living Center and Pepsi-Cola, it also charged an admission fee that deterred most would-be visitors. Those who were wealthy enough to afford custom gardens were probably not likely to have been looking for a vendor at the Fair. The company's sales model wasn't effective and the company closed downshortly after the Fair ended. (CD #61 Set 253 #14)

Julimar - Miniature horse

As Julimar Farm was one of the smallest exhibits at the Fair, perhaps it was only fitting that it included miniature horses. (CD #61 Set 253 #13)

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