Two ingenious houses, low-cost and compact, are displayed exactly as they will be constructed, ready for immediate occupancy, on sites at Montauk, Long Island, and near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Intended as either vacation or year-round homes, they are designed for minimum housekeeping, and have such space-savers as beds that fold into walls. The purchase price includes a 75-by-100-foot lot, use of a pool and other recreational facilities, and all furnishings, complete to toothbrushes.

Finding a good picture of these houses has proven to be quite a challenge.They were quite small, and were squeezed in between the Coca-Cola and Dynamic Maturity pavilions. The roof of one of the houses is visible in the lower left corner of this photograph taken from the Swiss Sky Ride. (CD #51 Set 224 #12)


Happily a good picture of the area has finally surfaced courtesy of Albert Fisher, who worked for the 1964-65 World's Fair Corporation in the press section. The house certainly looks out of place compared to the other more fanciful pavilions at the Fair!

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