The sights and sounds of North Africa are reproduced in this graceful, privately sponsored pavilion of traditional Moorish design with arches and an open pattern. One section is a bazaar, where Moroccan goods are for sale. Elsewhere, works by Moroccan artists are on display, as well as documents and memorabilia significant to Morocco's history. An information center offers advice on import-export trade as well as on the country's tourist attractions. There are two restaurants and a night club.

The Moroccan pavilion offered local specialties such as shish kebab and kafta - as well as hamburgers and hot dogs! (CD #23 Set 123 #13)


Land of the Bazaar. Expert craftsmen and women in Moroccan dress weave carpets and make brassware and leather goods. Visitors can see them knotting rugs - making more than 20,000 knots per square yard at a rate of a yard a week. Moroccan foods are also on sale. (CD #63 Set 258 #12)


Restaurant. The two eating areas offer Moroccan specialties in different surroundings and prices. A sidewalk café is in front, a serve-yourself cafeteria in back. A supper club, the Thousand and One Nights, offers Moroccan entertainment: dancers, singers and musicians.

One of the eating areas was open to the outside, making it a pleasant spot to relax while dining. (CD #30 Photolab #123)


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7-25-63 - Groundbreaking booklet

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