The National Maritime Union, AFL-CIO, sponsors a small park as a quiet place away from the noise and bustle of the Fair. The park, on an elliptical plot, has a waterway with a pool at either end; model ships float in one, a fountain is in the other. The park is dotted with benches, and concerts and ceremonies are held on various occasions.

This is another one of the areas of the Fair that was seldom photographed. The park is visible just above the General Motors building and to the right of the Helldrivers exhibit. (CD #TBD Set 298 #45)
It would have been very easy to walk right by the exhibit and never realize it, as these two men are apparently doing in this view from August 1965. The round signs say "NMU Exhibit", but what would that have mean to the average Fairgoer? There certainly wasn't much there to tempt people into stopping by. (CD #TBD Set 480 #1)


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