A carnival of timbering is staged along a stretch of the Flushing River by a troupe of 25 men and women from the Northwest, with much climbing, chopping, birling (log-rolling), jousting from logs, double-bladed ax throwing and clowning. Spars of Douglas fir 120 feet tall are set on the bank and used for many of the feats; wear and tear requires the replacement of these great masts every two or three days. Bleachers seat 1,250; under them visitors will find a display of Oregon industries and a souvenir shop.

Mighty Woodsmen. Carnival acts are changed monthly and it is not hard to see why: A 74-year-old Finn climbs up a spar by means of two planks; two loggers drop their hats from the top, then beat the hats down, and other acts are equally rugged.

A lumberjack chops away as logs in the river wait for a demonstration of log rolling. (CD #13 Set 64 #17)


A gigantic Paul Bunyan stands guard at the entrance to the Oregon pavilion. After the Fair closed Paul moved to Lake George, NY where he can still be seen today. (CD #23 Set 123 #26)


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Negotiations for 1965 season

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