This exhibit presents a mosaic of history and change, from magnificent relics dating back thousands of years to detailed models of mammoth dams and the dream city of Islamabad, Pakistan's unfinished future capital. The new and the old also are blended in the pavilion itself, a modern structure of lava stone topped by the petal-shaped dome which is traditional in Islamic architecture. A restaurant serves national dishes, and souvenirs and handicrafts are sold.

The Pakistan pavilion was a pleasing combination of old and new designs. (CD #20 Set 105 #30)


Restaurant. Inside, under the pavilion's illuminated dome, or under gaily colored canopies. favorite Pakistani dishes are served, including a variety of kebabs (cubes of spiced meat cooked with vegetables) and Murgh Korma (a chicken dish).

The doorman guarding the entrance to the restaurant doesn't seem very happy to see us. (CD #17 Set 90 #8)


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4-18-63 - Groundbreaking booklet

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