Pana-Vue slides are probably familiar to anyone who browsed through the gift shops in just about any tourist area in the 1960s and 70s. They have a larger image than a traditional 35mm slide but can be used in a standard slide projector. Pana-Vue produced 24 different sets for the Fair, all packaged in plastic sleeves of four slides. For some reason one set was released with a fifth slide.

641A1 - Unisphere and Fountains

641A2 - United States Pavilion

641A3 - Swiss Sky Ride

641A4 - Fountain of the Planets

641B1 - View from Swiss Sky Ride

641B2 - New York State Towers

641B3 - Fair and City Skyline

641B4 - Panorama from N.Y. Tower

641C1 - Main Gate

641C2 - Chrysler Islands from Heliport

641C3 - Industrial Area

641C4 - Eastman Kodak Pavilion

641D1 - General Motors Pavilion

641D2 - Space Park Rockets

641D3 - Vatican Pavilion

641D4 - Unisphere at Night

641E1 - Unisphere

641E2 - NY State Pavilion

641E3 - Tower of Light

641E4 - General Electric Dome

641F1 - Fountain of the Planets

641F2 - General Motors Facade

641F3 - Vatican Pavilion

641F4 - Florida Tower & Monorail Station

641G1 - Kodak's Giant "Slides"

641G2 - Chrysler's Mechanical World

641G3 - Solar Fountain

641G4 - United States Pavilion

641H1 - Port Authority Heliport

641H2 - Transportation Area

641H3 - Unisphere and Courts

641H4 - International Area

641J1 - India Pavilion

641J2 - Greek Pavilion

641J3 - Sweden Pavilion

641J4 - Thailand Shrine Replica
A fifth slide was issued as a replacement for one of the others in this set.
641J5 - United Arab Pavilion

641K1 - Indonesia Pavilion

641K2 - Japanese Fashion Show

641K3 - Sudan's Islamic Design

641K4 - Philippine Pavilion - Night

641L1 - Korea Pavilion

641L2 - International Area

641L3 - Morocco Pavilion

641L4 - Hong Kong Pavilion - Night

641M1 - Republic of China's "Palace"

641M2 - Mexican Exhibit

641M3 - Spain Pavilion

641M4 - Lebanon Pavilion

641N1 - General Electric Dome

641N2 - Johnson's Wax Pavilion

641N3 - IBM "Egg"

641N4 - Eastman Kodak

641P1 - Lunar Fountain

641P2 - American Express "Money Tree"

641P3 - Pepsi-Cola Tower

641P4 - Pepsi-Cola "Small World" Show

641Q1 - Du Pont Pavilion

641Q2 - Du Pont Chemistry Show

641Q3 - Bell Telephone "Flying Wing"

641Q4 - RCA Telecast

641R1 - Travelers Insurance "Umbrella"

641R2 - Travelers "Roman Forum"

641R3 - Festival of Gas Carousel

641R4 - Fountain of the Planets

641S1 - Port Authority Heliport

641S2 - Ford Rotunda Show

641S3 - Chrysler Mechanical Man

641S4 - General Motors Facade

641T1 - Transportation Area

641T2 - US Royal Tire Ferris Wheel

641T3 - Avis Antique Car Ride

641T4 - GM "City of the Future"

641U1 - Transportation Area

641U2 - GM Dinosaurs
(actually Ford)

641U3 - GM "City of the Future"

641U4 - Chrysler's Island Displays

641V1 - Hollywood, U.S.A.

641V2 - Florida Tower and Orange

641V3 - NY State "Tent of Tomorrow"

641V4 - NY State Pavilion at Night

641W1 - United States Pavilion

641W2 - Long Island RR Train

641W3 - New Jersey Pavilions

641W4 - "Spirit of St. Louis," Missouri Pav.

641X1 - New Mexico Indian Dance

641X2 - Oklahoma Relief Map

641X3 - Lincoln - Illinois Pavilion

641X4 - Maryland Pavilion

641Y1 - AMF Monorail Station

641Y2 - Jaycopter Ride

641Y3 - U.S. Presidents - Wax Museum

641Y4 - Monorail Trains

641Z1 - 120-ft. Aerial Tower Ride

641Z2 - Monorail & Continental Circus

641Z3 - "Hell Drivers" Auto Thrills

641Z4 - Log Flume Ride