While most of the commercial slides from the Fair were licensed from Photo Lab, this set of slides was produced by an independent company. ROLOC (color spelled backwards) was a small vendor which released slides from a variety of settings. Their slides from the Fair are the best ones of the commercial offerings, featuring sharp views and better-than-average color.

The following list of slides details all of the ROLOC slides found thus far. You might also be interested in this download of the complete ROLOC catalog of their slides from the Fair, which contains more details on each slide.

If anyone has ROLOC slides they wish to sell or trade please send me an e-mail.

NF-2 Mormon Church Pavilion Replica of Towers, Salt Lake
NF-2D Statue of the Christ - Mormon Pavilion NEEDED
NF-2N Replica East Towers Mormon Temple Illuminated
NF-2R Christ in the Western Hemisphere diorama - Mormon Pavilion NEEDED
NF-2S Christ in Jerusalem diorama - Mormon Pavilion NEEDED
NF-3 Festival of Gas NEEDED
NF-3N Festival of Gas at night NEEDED
NF-6 IBM Pavilion NEEDED
NF-6D Visitors line up in IBM Pavilion to see the Show
NF-6E Wall of People in IBM on Hydraulic Elevator
NF-14 Bell Pavilion NEEDED
NF-14C Fountains of the Fair. Bell System Exhibit Background
NF-15N The Fountain of the Planets Illuminated
NF-15R Fountain of the Planets in Pool of Industry
NF-15T Fireworks over Fountain of the Planets Nightly Display
NF-24 General Electric Progressland NEEDED
NF-24N General Electric Progressland at night
NF-25R Hilton International Food Bazaar NEEDED
NF-27F Schaefer Outdoor Beer Garden has 100 foot Bar
NF-27R Schaefer Restaurant
NF-28 Tower of the Four Winds
NF-28K England, Scotland, Ireland - Small World NEEDED
NF-28N Italy, France - Small World NEEDED
NF-28Q Mystery of India - Small World
NF-28T Thailand - Small World NEEDED
NF-28V Mexico Fiesta - Small World
NF-30 Kodak Pavilion
NF-33F Court of the Sun
NF-34 Johnson's Wax and Brass Rail
NF-35 Tower of Light has 12 Billion Candle Power Beam
NF-35N Tower of Light - night
NF-36 DuPont Pavilion NEEDED
NF-40N Coca Cola Tower is Beautifully Illuminated at Night
NF-43 Protestant and Orthodox Center on Avenue of Americas
NF-47 Billy Graham Pavilion has 100 ft. High Tower
NF-48 Masonic Center NEEDED
NF-48J Masonic Center interior NEEDED
NF-50E Entrance Hall - India Pavilion
NF-50G Exhibit room in India Pavilion
NF-50M India Pavilion industrial exhibits NEEDED
NF-50U India Pavilion textile exhibits NEEDED
NF-55 Venezuela Pavilion on Avenue of the Americas
NF-56 Industrial Area - Hong Kong
NF-56N Hong Kong Pavilion at night NEEDED
NF-58 Austria Pavilion
NF-58W Part of 3500 Benches in Fair. Eisenhower Promenade
NF-59 House of Japan
NF-60 Republic of Guinea Pavilion NEEDED
NF-61 Sermons from Science Pavilion NEEDED
NF-65 Vatican Pavilion
NF-65B Entrance Gallery Vatican Pavilion Leads to Pieta
NF-65C Chapel of the Good Shepherd - Vatican Pavilion
NF-65D Michelangelo's Pieta
NF-65H Liturgical Banners are Displayed - Vatican Pavilion.
NF-65J Vatican Pavilion - Pope John exhibit NEEDED
NF-65K Vatican Pavilion - Vatican II conference painting NEEDED
NF-65M Vatican Pavilion - St. Peter's excavation NEEDED
NF-65P Vatican Pavilion - Pope Paul exhibit NEEDED
NF-67 Sweden on United Nations Avenue South
NF-70 American Israel Pavilion NEEDED
NF-70D American Israel Pavilion entrance court
NF-77 Pavilion of Greece
NF-78 Morocco Pavilion
NF-79 Sudan Pavilion
NF-80 Jordan Pavilion on Avenue UN South
NF-83 Philippine Pavilion
NF-84 Republic of China
NF-86B Indonesia Pavilion NEEDED
NF-86M Indonesia Pavilion - Gamelan orchestra instruments NEEDED
NF-92C Rocket Thrower NEEDED
NF-92F Unisphere from UN Avenue
NF-92N Globe and Court of Peace Fountains Illuminated
NF-93 United States Pavilion
NF-93B United States Pavilion from Court of States NEEDED
NF-93N United States Pavilion at night NEEDED
NF-93R United States Pavilion interior NEEDED
NF-97 Illinois Bldg. Houses Largest Collection Lincolnia
NF-97M Lincoln by Ann Huntington in Illinois Pavilion
NF-100E Astral Fountain - night
NF-106A N.Y. State Pavilion. Note Helicopter Above
NF-106D Colorful roof - Tent of Tomorrow - New York State
NF-106H Avenue United Nations South from N.Y. State Tower
NF-106J Sweden and Paris Pavilions
NF-106K Republic of Guinea
NF-106M Mosaic Map New York State on Floor of Pavilion
NF-109 Westinghouse Time Capsule
NF-112 Ford Pavilion Rotunda
NF-112B Overall View Ford Exhibit gives Idea of Size
NF-112D Display of Newest Modern Cars in Ford Exhibit
NF-112L You Ride in Convertible through Ford Exhibit
NF-112P Jungle Life at Beginning of Time. Ford Magic Ride
NF-112S Dinosaurs in Mortal Combat. Seen on Ford Magic Ride
NF-112U Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Symbolize Life. Ford Ride
NF-112V Caveman Discovers Fire as seen on Ride through Ford
NF-112W Primitive Man Hunts for his Food. Ford Magic Ride
NF-112X Ford - cave writers
NF-112Y Primitive Man Hunts for his Food. Ford Magic Ride.
NF-112Z Man Enjoys his First Wheeled Vehicle. Ford Ride.
NF-116 Space Park
NF-119L Avis Antique Car Ride
NF-120B Sinclair - Brontosaurus
NF-121 US Royal Tire
NF-124D Chrysler's Giant Automobile
NF-125D Helicopter on Port Authority Heliport
NF-125R Top of the Fair Restaurant
NF-130D Overseas Display Area in General Motors Pavilion
NF-130E Cars of Tomorrow in General Motors Exhibit Hall.
NF-130K Underwater Conquest, Part of GM Futurama.
NF-130L General Motors - undersea home
NF-130P General Motors - undersea drilling
NF-130Q Lunar Crawler Explores Moon Surface on Futurama.
NF-130R Jungle Road Maker, General Motors Futurama.
NF-130U Electronic City, a Utopian Concept, GM Futurama.
NF-130V Parking No Problem in G.M. Super-City.
NF-130X House of Tomorrow in General Motors Exhibit.
NF-131 Monorail Train Circles Amusement Area of the Fair.
NF-H5 Fountains of the Fair
NF-H8 Heart of Fair towards US Pavilion
NF-H14 International Area Needed
NF-H20 Industrial Area Needed
NF-H28 Transportation and Travel Pavilion Needed
NF-H36 Copter View of Industrial & International Areas
NF-N5 Fountains of the Fair - night
NF-S1 General view from Skyride
NF-S2 General view Needed
NF-S4 Jordan from Skyride
NF-S5 Avenue of Africa towards Unisphere
NF-S8 Africa Pavilion Needed