Russian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church of America

This pavilion is a replica of the historic Russian Orthodox chapel built at Fort Ross, California, in 1823, at a time when the Czar was claiming part of the West Coast as Russian territory (Rossiya, the original name, means "Russia".) Inside the simple wooden chapel is the main exhibit: an icon whose gold covering is encrusted with jewels. It is one of a type modeled after the famous 16th Century icon of Our Lady of Kazan, whose miraculous powers were recognized by the Church. Other religious objects complete the exhibit. A kiosk sells reproductions of the icon.

View from Better Living Center

The small size of the chapel made it easy to miss. This view is from the nearby Better Living Center. (CD #1 Set 3 #30)


There wasn't much in the way of signage to attract guests inside the plain looking wood structure. It was certainly an unusual pavilion for the Industrial Area. (CD #10 Set 52 #76)

Exterior #2

Today, this exhibit is one of those that has been forgotten by most visitors to the Fair, but in 1964 it offered a few quiet minutes away from the noise and high-pressure sales presentations of many of the other pavilions. (CD #61 Set 253 #18)

Industrial Area pavilions