An international sandwich garden serves up, buffet style, the food specialties of 16 countries in elaborate sandwiches, plus all the 7-Up the customer can drink. Sample sandwiches: sliced lamb on Scotch barley bread, Lomi-Lomi salmon on Aloha coconut bread, prosciutto and provolone on sesame bread, chicken-ginger-coconut on cinnamon swirl bread. Four sandwich platters with relishes, cheeses and candy cost $1.55. A five-piece ensemble entertains daily, playing American show tunes as well as music from all over Europe and Latin America. A futuristic tower rises 107 feet above the pavilion; a clock at the top is regulated by the precise timekeeping apparatus in the Swiss pavilion several blocks away.

Seven-Up tower

The soaring red-and-white clock tower, featuring the distinctive 7-Up logo, made it easy to spot the pavilion from quite a distance. Underneath were several open-air structures covering the dining areas. (CD #10 Set 49 #21)

Seven-Up menu sign

While not as flashy as the Pepsi and Coke shows, the 7-Up pavilion is well remembered by many for its inexpensive food court. (CD #TBD Set 348 #3)

Seven-Up dining area

Diners were often entertained by musical groups. Sometimes it was an old-fashioned group as seen here, and at other times it was a modern rock group. (CD #TBD Set 348 #5)

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