Part of the fun of the World's Fair
is the Subway Special that takes you there.
There's a goodtime feeling in the air
on the Subway Special to the World's Fair.

That jingle was part of a television ad proclaiming the benefits of taking the Subway to the World's Fair. Having spent way too many hours sitting in a car on the way to or from the Fair I can understand why the Subway was so popular.

Watch the commercial on YouTube
For many people the fun at the Fair did indeed start on the Subway. The city upgraded the cars on the #7 line out to Flushing with their new R36 cars, which were a sleek and clean departure from much of the rolling stock then in use throughout the system. The larger windows provided a great view of the Fair as the train neared the station. (CD #TBD Set 290 #2)
After a quick 20 minute ride out from Manhattan the happy riders arrived at the Willets Point Blvd. station, which was decked out in special signage and flags during the two years of the Fair. (CD #TBD Set 290 #15)


Time to head out and see the Fair! Many pictures of this area show excited and happy faces as everyone rushed towards the entrance gates. The faces at night looked much more tired, but still happy. (CD #38 Set 190 #1)


Train enthusiasts got an unexpected treat on the way in as the wooden walkway took them across the bustling Subway maintenance yards. Several of the new R36 cars can be seen below. (CD #35 Set 179 #1)


Most people didn't linger too long here, though. With the main gate just ahead under the angled roof, who could blame them? (CD #TBD Set 290 #24)


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