This pavilion, dedicated to the theme of "Creative Sweden," is a testimonial to that nation's private enterprise. Sponsored by leading industries and businesses, it has three main sections: a large "Hall of Industry" featuring exhibits of Swedish technology and products, a miniature branch of Sweden's largest department store and a restaurant specializing in authentic Swedish smorgasbord.

This view of Sweden is from the New York State tower. The starkly angular pavilion was unusual in that it didn't offer any films or shows, concentrating instead on presenting the commercial benefits of the country. (CD #10 Set 54 #8)


Taken on a slow day in September 1965, this photo doesn't give any hint of the huge crowds that would soon arrive for one last look at the Fair. (CD #20 Set 105 #19)


Lights and Action. In the industrial section a special ceiling display simulates the appearance of the Northern Lights. A number of the exhibits show fascinating mechanical or electronic devices. In a demonstration of high-voltage electricity, voltage builds up within a five-foot plastic sphere, creating an eerie "corona," or halo. A mammoth moveable-pitch ship propeller operates in its own pool. A high-speed machine fills tooth-paste tubes. On display for the first time is a large model of Sweden's super-secret new fighter plane, the Viggen, or Thunderbolt. One exhibit traces telephone designs since the 1870s. (CD #8 Set 38 #16)


Well-stocked Store. A small branch of the Nordiska Kompaniet department store in Stockholm displays and sells hundreds of examples of Swedish craftsmanship in crystalware, ceramics, metal, textiles and other fields. (CD #TBD Set 270 #32)


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Groundbreaking booklet from March 21, 1963

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