In an exhibit area sponsored by the industries of Switzerland, displays of clocks, watches, chocolates and cheese are housed in buildings reminiscent of Alpine chalets. A tourist information center and a restaurant are part of the pavilion. Electronic equipment in the Time Center controls 10 modern clock towers which provide accurate time at the Fair entrances.

Time to the Split Second. The "Time Center," near the entrance to the pavilion, is a concentrated display of the controls which regulate the official clocks of the Fair. At the front of the exhibit are the dials and indicators of a large "Master Clock," so accurate that it can measure irregularities in the earth's rotation. This clock registers the year, day, hour, minute, second, 10th of a second and 100th of a second; visitors are invited to take pictures in front of the clock as a permanent time record of their visit. Smaller clocks at the Center show the correct time at various places around the world as well as solar, sidereal and other types of time. (CD #24 Set 129 #14)


As the crowd pours in from the main gate, they pass by clock #1 of the Swiss time system. Next to it is a giant litter basket ("Just a drop in the basket helps keep New York clean").

Although the clock system may have been Swiss, it was all connected together by the New York Telephone Company. How do I happen to know that bit of trivia? My uncle was in charge of the crew that wired all of the clocks together. (CD #13 Set 63 #31A)


Gems of the Watchmaker's Art. Three buildings house a two-million-dollar display of watches. In a daily drawing, a valuable Swiss watch is given away.

The pavilion went to great lengths, even naming a "Miss Swiss Watch Movement" each year. This is the 1964 winner; if anyone can identify her please let me know. (CD #62 Set 255 #26)



LE CHALET RESTAURANT. A dozen chefs and 60 waiters and waitresses in native costume prepare and serve the fondues, ramequins, raclette and other dishes that have made the Swiss cuisine famous. The country-inn restaurant has tables on the main floor, on the balcony and outside on the terrace. Six fine Swiss wines, never sold before in the United States, are also available. (CD #44 Set 205 #36)



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