This big, two-story pavilion contains a seemingly endless variety of displays. The exhibitors include airlines and steamship lines, railroads and trucking companies, travel agencies and tourist resorts, and the United States Army, Navy and Air Force. Their exhibits include a Hall of Fame for pioneers of the transportation industry and a live drama, "Sea Hunt". Other displays show transportation equipment and startlingly realistic films of flight, communication systems, maps and models of all kinds and a collection of gold art works from the ancient Indian cultures of South America. The pavilion has at one end a 96-foot-high Moon Dome whose plastic covering forms an accurate relief map of the moon; a science film is shown inside it. There is also a hobby and souvenir shop, a cafeteria-style restaurant and a snack bar.

This view of the Transportation Area from the New York State observation towers shows how large the Transportation & Travel building was. The colorful murals and unusual moon-shaped dome certainly caught the eye of many a photographer. (CD #32 Set 166 #2)
Jet Flight. In one of several theaters United Air Lines shows a seven-minute film that demonstrates wonders of jet flight at 600 miles per hour. (CD #TBD Set 325 #1)
Under the Sea. In a huge tank, skin divers put on an underwater drama. Lloyd Bridges, star of the television show "Sea Hunt," narrates the show on tape, and from time to time appears in person.

Here members of the "Sea Hunt" show participate in a parade marking the opening of the 1965 season. (CD #31 Set 163 #6)

World of Ancient Gold. The largest collection of gold artifacts and ceremonial pieces of pre-Columbian Indians ever assembled includes 400 pieces and is valued at over three million dollars.

One can only imagine what this collection would be worth today. A souvenir book was available for sale for those wanting a memento of the exhibit.

From Space to the Atom. Inside the Moon Dome, a color motion picture is projected on a concave screen that encircles the audience. The 18-minute film takes the view from the infinite reaches of outer space into the infinitesimal nucleus of the atom.

Click here and then scroll down for more information on the film. (CD #28 Set 150 #21)

The pavilion also included displays of boats, cars, missiles, and military hardware used to transport troops, such as a unique folding bridge and a helicopter. The "Hannibal 8" car seen here was used in the movie "The Great Race". (CD #28 Set 150 #21)
In this view from 1966 the Transportation & Travel pavilion is one of the few things still standing in the former Transportation Area. The pavilion operators had run out of money by the end of the Fair and could not afford to tear it down, so they walked away and left it for the Fair Corporation to deal with it. Following a series of court battles over the issue, the Fair finally found the money and razed the structure.

Off to the far right a brief glimpse is seen of the Greyhound pavilion. The building wasn't removed during the initial demolition work as there were plans to use it as a fire house, but when they fell through it too was taken down. (CD #TBD Set 325 #1)


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