Visitors riding along the rim of a giant whitewall tire soar 80 feet into the air for a spectacular view of the Fairgrounds. Twenty-four barrel-shaped gondolas that carry four people each move around the circumference of the wheel. The tire, which is floodlighted at night, stands in a landscaped area; at the entrance to the ride are interesting displays of the company's products.

Ferris wheels have been popular ever since the first one was introduced at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The 1964-65 edition was something quite unique, though, having been built in the shape of a giant tire. This was a very clever piece of advertising for the sponsor, who sold a motorized toy version at the Fair. After the Fair ended the tire, minus the Ferris wheel mechanism, was sent to Detroit where it remains today as a roadside advertising icon. (CD #20 Set 105 #39)
Riders were treated to some great views of the Fair. This early 1964 view shows a crane over the Hall of Science construction site, with the arches of the Ford Wonder Rotunda curving gracefully above the trees. That's the Chrysler section off to the left. (CD #TBD Set xx #3)

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3-23-62 memo on Exclusivity on Giant Tires

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