Scott Paper

A 15-minute tour through an indoor "Enchanted Forest" - complete with bubbling spring, real and artificial trees and a ceiling of stylized leaves - tells the story of paper from woodland to home. A separate building has special rest facilities, including a lounge and a diaper-changing room. The two other major structures are a 50-foot-high decorative tower and a special building set on stilts, 14 feet off the ground, that houses the exhibit offices and has a private lounge. In the landscaped park outside are canopied shelters and benches for relaxation.

Scott Paper - Exterior

The tower at the entrance to the pavilion was an eye-catching construction that was often used as a meeting place for visitors. (CD #10 Set 49 #20)

Scott Paper -  Interior

The forest comes alive in the tour of the exhibit building. Pictorial displays show how trees are grown, cut, and floated to mills; other photographs show how they are barked, chipped, pulped and bleached. On a large rotating cylinder, words and pictures describe the paper-making processes that follow. Another part of the forest is devoted to a series of exhibits concerning the company's products.

Scenes of the Enchanted Forest are hard to find, as the film of the time made it difficult to photograph in the low light. (CD #2 Set 11 #25)

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