Collecting memorabilia from the 1964-65 Fair is quite a challenge, for the sheer volume of items originally offered for sale is staggering. A long list of vendors and licensees signed up for the rights to sell an amazing variety of items. It may well be that this Fair was the peak of available merchandise of all World's Fairs, for many of these souvenirs show up on eBay in large numbers. One area that the Fair really stands out in is the large number of commercial slides that were available. Perhaps it was the overall surge in photography that resulted from the introduction of Kodak's new Instamatic camera, or perhaps it was linked to the easy to use Carousel projectors. In any event, more commercial slides were produced for this Fair than for any other.

The slides came from several different vendors and were offered in an array of sizes and packages. Each of these is described in detail and can be seen by clicking on the slides below. The images below show the slides as they look today; like most commercial slides of the time they have shifted in color. Happily that can be fixed today through the computer.

This list will be updated periodically as I find more of these slides. If you have any information as to any not yet listed please send me an e-mail.

AT&T Pavilion

Billy Graham Pavilion

Mainliner Vacation Series

Pana-Vue Slides

Photo Lab Slides

ROLOC Slides

Super Scenic Slides

Vatican Pavilion Slides

Wolfe Worldwide Slides