The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair

Christian Science

Topped by a heptagonal pyramid of glass, the main building of the pavilion is designed to provide a restful area in which to view three-dimensional exhibits hat explain Christian Science. The structure, surrounded by 14 lighted fountains, is shaped like a seven-pointed star and rises from a pool of water 100 feet in diameter. A photographic display in the first part of the star sets a thoughtful mood that is carried out in other exhibits, which range from explanations in the Bible of the basis of the religion to its relevance in the nuclear age. In one section, visitors can listen to taped testimonials describing spiritual healings through the study and practice of Christian Science. Near the main building is a second, smaller building, which houses a reading room accommodating 25 people; behind both structures is a park with chairs for relaxation and contemplation.

View from New York State Pavilion

This view from the New York State towers shows both of the Christian Science buildings. Part of the Belgian Village can be seen off to the right, with City National Bank in the rear. (CD #30 Mainliner #555-92)

Street view

After the Fair closed this portion of the pavilion was moved to Poway, CA where it was used as a church. It has since been demolished. Only one of the distinctive skylights survived and is now in the hands of a private collector. (CD #29 Set 151 #17)

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