Stage demonstrations of scientific marvels plus color films of the wonders of nature, sponsored by the Christian Life Convention of New York City, illustrates the compatibility of faith and knowledge. The shows take place in a circular auditorium seating 500. In an adjoining conference room, visitors may meet religious leaders associated with the exhibit. The building, with its scalloped roof, is reached by a ramp which curves over a reflecting pool. Jets of flaming gas and splashing water ring the area.

There were rarely ever any lines waiting for Sermons From Science, one of the smallest of the religious pavilions at the Fair. (CD #21 Set 112 #18)


Magic on Stage. Dr. George E. Speake and James I. Moon of the Institute of Science, a division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, present wonders of science. During one show the demonstrator sends a million volts of electricity crackling through his body to ignite a piece of wood in his hands. At other performances his demonstrations include: A Cry That Shatters Glass; A Frozen Shadow; A Flashlight That Talks; The Stammering Machine; Invisible Energy That Sets Steel Aflame; Eyes That See in Total Darkness; and Electron Magic with a Ribbon of Rust. (CD #TBD Set 326 #38)


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8-1-63- Groundbreaking booklet
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