The country today and its role in the discovery, colonization and independence of the Americas are portrayed in three attached buildings which enclose a rich collection of exhibition halls, restaurants and dinner patios. Featured are masterpieces of Spanish art, old and new; historical objects and documents; products of great Spanish designers and craftsmen; triumphs of the Spanish kitchen, and a theater with a constantly changing program of concerts, dance groups, film festivals and fashion shows.

The Great Iron Gate. A sliding gate, 27 feet long and 5 feet high, guarding the entrance to the pavilion, provides a dramatic, abstract example by sculptor Amadeo Gabino of Spain's celebrated wrought-iron work.

Spain was one of the most popular international exhibits at the Fair, second only to the Vatican pavilion. Audiences loved the artwork, performances, food, and as is noted in many articles about the Fair, the introduction of sangria to the United States. A portion of the Great Iron Gate can be seen on the left side of this view of the entrance. (CD #63 Set 258 #3)


 The Welcome Figure. A six-foot statue of Isabel la Católica, first Queen of a united Spain and patron of Columbus, stands in front of the pavilion. It was cast in bronze by sculptor Jose Luis Sanchez. (CD #TBD Set 358 #2)


A Nation's Art Treasures. Priceless works of art, many never before shown outside of Spain, are on exhibit in three sections of the pavilion.

This beautiful piece by Salvador Dali was titled "The Living Flower." (CD #27 Set 146 #31)


The courtyard was a popular spot for Spanish dance troupes to perform. After the Fair ended the building was moved to St. Louis. Over the years it has been greatly modified and most traces of the former Spain pavilion have vanished, but if you happen to visit the "Hilton-Saint Louis at the Ballpark" you're visiting a world's fair legacy. (CD #10 Set 54 #24)


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