The Super Scenic series was produced by Photo Lab, but used the larger image format of Pana-Vue style slides and were sold in the same plastic sleeves of four slides per set. Each set was priced at $1. Like the rest of the Photo Lab slides, they suffered from an overall lack of quality control, with soft focus and imprinted dirt and scratches.

S-301A - Port of New York Authority Heliport
S-301B - General Motors Company (two versions exist)
S-301C - United States Rubber Company Exhibit
S-301D - Greyhound at the Fair
S-302A - Electric Power and Light
S-302B - Johnson's Wax
S-302C - Coca-Cola - Night
S-302D - General Electric Company (two versions exist - one day, one night)
S-303A - Solar Fountain
S-303B - Brass Rail & Johnson's Wax
S-303C - Masonic Center
S-303D - Fountain of the Planets
S-304A - Texas Music Hall (two versions exist)
S-304B - AMF Monorail
S-304C - Aerial Ride
S-304D - Log Flume Ride
S-305A - Unisphere, Court of Nations (two versions exist)
S-305B - Main Entrance Gate (two versions exist)
S-305C - Pepsi-Cola (two versions exist)
S-305D - New York State Pavilion (two versions exist)
S-306A - Fountains of the Planets
S-306B - House of Good Taste
S-306C - Festival of Gas
S-306D - DuPont Exhibit
S-307A - Sinclair Dinoland
S-307B - Chrysler (two versions exist - one from left side of giant car, one from right side)
S-307C - Ford
S-307D - Chrysler
S-308A - Hong Kong - Night
S-308B - Hong Kong
S-308C - Thailand
S-308D - Swiss Chalet
S-309A - Better Living
S-309B - Dynamic Maturity
S-309C - Rheingold's Little Old New York
S-309D - Hall of Education
S-310A - Composite of 6 Popular Scenes
S-310B - Composite of 6 Popular Scenes
S-310C - Composite of 6 Popular Scenes
S-310D - Composite of 6 Popular Scenes
S-311A - Night Scenes - Unisphere
S-311B - Night Scenes - New York State Pavilion
S-311C - Night Scenes - Tower of Light
S-311D - Night Scenes - General Electric
S-312A - Fountains of the Fair
S-312B - Swiss Sky Ride
S-312C - Pavilion of Spain
S-312D - New Jersey Pavilion
S-313A - Unisphere
S-313B - Panorama from New York Pavilion (two versions exist - one from New York State tower, one of street in Transportation Area in error)
S-313C - Bell Telephone Exhibit
S-313D - Eastman Kodak Exhibit

Photo Lab re-issued several of these slides using different versions of the scene but with the same numbers and names. For example, the initial version of the S-305 set had used some very poorly cropped or shot images. The second version has the same titles but features greatly improved images.