This is the Fair's major indoor assembly hall. The light latticework structure is a geodesic dome composed of 1,250 interconnected pieces of aluminum tubing; weatherproof vinyl lines the inside; no internal supports obstruct the view. Some 2,100 seats radiate from a stage designed to accommodate some of the Olympic trials, television productions and conventions. Here, also, during the course of the Fair, will be held such divergent activities as jazz concerts and the junior A.A.U. weightlifting championships.

The geodesic dome of the World's Fair Pavilion provided a large amount of open exhibit space. From this angle it would be easy to mistake it for the General Electric Pavilion. (World's Fair Corporation publicity photo)


A wide variety of sporting exhibitions, such as weightlifting trials for the upcoming Olympics, and other events such as choral and dance performances, was held throughout the 1964 season. In 1965 the pavilion was used solely for a Winston Churchill exhibit. (CD #60 Set 252 #4)


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