The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair

New England States

Dancers in the costumes of the many nationalities that have settled New England, frog-jumping contests, a “Liberty Tree” holding historic documents and a simulated walk on the moon are the chief attractions. The pavilion area, which consists of a village green and a series of hexagonal buildings, includes a rustic “Country Store” and a nautical restaurant that features famous New England dishes. Dances, contests and other events are held on the green.

Court of States

The Court of States. In a chain of six small enclosures at the entrance to the pavilion, each of the New England states - Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut - has exhibits showing its scenery and cultural attractions.

Befitting the simple design of many buildings in New England, the pavilion was a group of small glass-fronted structures facing a central courtyard. (CD #10 Set 50 #22)

State building

Each of the states had their own building to show off their history, industry and tourist attractions. (CD #21 Set 111 #11)

Village Green

On the Village Green. During the course of the Fair, groups from different New England communities hold dances, musical performances and frog-jumping contests, and New England craftsmen demonstrate their art. Fashion shows, displaying New England-made apparel, are held daily during the summer. A posted schedule in the Court of the States tells what is happening on the green each day. (CD #37 Set 185 #30)

Country Store

Down East Charm. Representative New England products are sold in the Country Store, where the potbellied stove, the cracker barrel and the candy jars are as they were generations ago. (CD #53 Set 227 #1)

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