World's Fairs are very special times and places. For all too brief a time they transform an everyday setting into someplace magical, one of exotic landscapes, international foods and visitors, playful architecture and projections of the future. Although they are with us for just a short time, they often leave long-lasting memories with those lucky enough to attend. Happily, they also leave behind a wide array of souvenirs, including photographs that forever memorialize these international galas.

I have long been interested in world's fairs, and have been fortunate enough to have visited several of them. Over the years I have collected thousands of photos and am pleased to be able to share some of them with you on this site. I hope that they provide you an enjoyable trip back in time.

- Bill Cotter

Century of Progress - Chicago World's Fair 1933-1934
Golden Gate International Exposition - San Francisco 1939-1940
The 1939-1940 New York World's Fair
Expo '58 - Brussels World's Fair
The 1962 Seattle World's Fair - Century 21
The 1964-1965 New York World's Fair
Expo 67 - Man and His World - Montreal World's Fair
Hemisfair 68 - San Antonio World's Fair
Expo 70 - Osaka World's Fair
Expo 74 - Spokane 1974 World's Fair

Expo '75 Internatonal Ocean Exposition Okinawa Japan

Portopia '81 Kobe Japan

The 1982 World's Fair - Knoxville, Tennessee
The 1984 World's Fair: Lousiana World Exposition New Orleans
Expo 85 - Tsukuba, Japan 1985 World's Fair
Expo 86 - Vancouver 1986 World's Fair

World Expo 88 Brisbane Australia

Expo 2000 - Hannover, Germany

This site also includes photos of theme parks from days past. Available so far:

Palisades Amusement Park
Rockaways' Playland

Walt Disney World

There are also sections on other subjects of possible interest to world's fair fans. Available so far:

Crystal Palace Museum proposal - 1982

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