Rising 120 feet on four mammoth tapered columns, the Port of New York Authority building is the aerial gateway to the Fair. It includes a heliport, restaurant and bar open the year round. Set below the heliport, a separate structure has movies and exhibits that tell the story of transportation in the New York - New Jersey Port District. Helicopters make sightseeing flights.

The massive size of the Port Authority building is evident in this picture from the nearby Chrysler exhibit. (CD #21 Set 112 #11)


The Greatest Port. A 12-minute color movie, presented on a screen 195 feet in circumference, shows the mighty transit projects that enable millions of people to move through the New York area daily. Around the outside of the theater is a scale model of The World Trade Center for lower Manhattan. There is also an operating model of the recently acquired subway under the Hudson River, between New York and New Jersey. (CD #9 Set 48 #41)


Aerial Gateway. The heliport provides a landing pad, 150 feet by 200 feet, for sightseeing flights, and for helicopter transportation to and from Manhattan and all airports.

With the skyscrapers of Manhattan in the background, a helicopter from New York Airways heads for a landing on the Port Authority roof. (CD #19 Set 97 #1)


Restaurant. Located directly under the heliport platform, the Top of the Fair restaurant provides a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline and the Fair through special glareproof windows. On the floor below is a cockail lounge featuring an international selection of mixed drinks.

It must have been hard to concentrate on the food when all the wonders of the Fair were so temptingly nearby. (CD #19 Set 99 #4)


During the 1964 season guests could tour a sightseeing helicopter from the safety of the ground. (CD #60 Set 250 #26)


In 1965 a vintage Ford Tri-motor airliner was exhibited by American Airlines. (CD #43 Set 203 #8)


Now renamed as "Terrace on the Park,", the former heliport still stands towers above the surrounding area. The heliport was replaced years ago with a banquet facility. The Terrace is open for catered events only. (CD #3 Set 163 #5)


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